Almost home!

Drove 10 hours and… Just had to stop. My first and last time at MOTEL 6. I snuck my new family in and Lovie has totally made herself comf. This girl has no qualms about getting on the bed☺️

I’m a bit nervous about how she and Ohlive are going to react to each other.. I have to do the intro outside… I’m completely playing all this by ear…I have a woman in Portland willing to foster Lovie and pups as does the shelter (2.5 hrs from Portland)…we’ll see.


This is MY blog. OhLive.

Moving here wasn’t a complete breeze but we made it. My Momma and her slight psychological issues got us a letter that got ME next to her on the plane. As it should be. The plane was full but the lady seated next to us took one look at me and my cuteness factor got her giving up her seat to me…🐶 wow. 13 hours cramped on the floor would not have been a picnic. Nor the kind of thing I’m used to. So I got a window seat. Very exciting for my first flight!

I will not miss those yappy dogs of the rue Caulaincourt where I grew up.  Except for a few that were pals. And I will definitely not miss riding on that awful scooter.  No dog should have to go through that. But I did. We went everywhere on that scary thing.

And now we are in Portland! One of the 10 best cities fur doggies! Yes. Divine intervention indeed that she picked that and not that awful Los Angeles she was considering. Lovely green and flowers everywhere! Loving the scents…

Putz putz putz and a… PENIS!

Sooo… I’m cleaning… Putzing (putz means doing house work in german)…as my Airbnb host has kindly let me stay in her bedroom while she is away on vacation. With NO AIRBNB fees☺️ as in, for free.  In exchange I am the putzfrau (cleaning lady) and general Airbnb host. This means I need to be pleasant to all at all times. This is not necessarily natural for me. I am also learning to be considerate, even in my moods and to clean up after myself (ouch. Ouch. OUCH.)

I HAVE been looking for a place to live. All over the place; Craigslist, local groups, bulletin boards etc…and finding zilch. Seems I am not the only one looking. Everyone wants to be in Portland. An influx of Silicon Valley techies moving here as well which is propelling prices up to uncomfortable heights. To my great dismay. I mean I’m looking for a “SHARE”! Sharing is not my thing. I like getting up at 4 am and vacuuming. Perhaps not the ideal roommate.  There are many houses being shared by 5 people communal style with One  bathroom. Don’t  think so. Not being difficult but I’ve been living on my own for a couple of years now.

The hills are alive with the sound of muuusic🎶…just not everyday. And then there are the flowers that put everything into perspective.  Everywhere. And the eccentrics. And the kindness of Portlanders. Just wow.

These are indeed a little wilted but still…❤️

I also started a Meetup French Conversation group. Meetups are usually free. Not mine.

I am teaching French slang and how to effectively reply  to nasty Parisians. 🤓

I was also given the idea by a woman in Canada to post an ad in Ottawa proposing Skype conversation classes. Two days later I got a call from a guy who was interested. I was running off to my Meetup but yes, I could chat for a few minutes. We exchange Skype handles, he calls. And on my screen appears a close up of a penis. Being handled by a frantically active hand. Gagg me. Hyperventilating, I frantically try to block the guy who keeps calling back.  So much for French Skype conversation. 

During my first Meetup, a lovely woman showed up and during our exchange she put me in touch with a friend of hers in need of a roommate…Though not in my preferred neighborhood I went to see it and liked it. A house share with she and her boyfriend. With my own bathroom and a small office. Beyond my budget though. Way beyond. Only 3 days left before my Airbnb host returned and I had to vamos. My breathing was getting shallow and my trust in the Universe wobbly.

But I slept on it and said yes. And then anxiety set in. Waking up with massive heart constrictions and general palpitations. Scrambled over the weekend to find something cheaper. Went to see a place to share. A lady in her nightdress and slippers greeted me surrounded by her peace art and mounds of stuff covered by Indian motif fabric. Nope. Definitely a nope. Even with a garden.

Two hours before I was to move to the new unaffordable place I received a message. A studio! Available. Affordable. I can be ALONE with myself and Oh! Youpeeee!🐬💥🎶🐥!

Moving tommorow. I am leaping 💥through the hills with the sound of muuuusic 🎶🎶

Day 3

Nothing quite like being woken up by OhLive @2 am coz it’s BREAKFAST TIME💥🎉🙄 ! Yea. In Paris it is…in Portland not.

Rien de tel qu’un reveil a 2h du mat par une Ohlive toute contente💥🎉👀!  C’est l’heure du Petit Dej ! Oui à Paris. This is Portland. Rendors toi avant que j’t’etrangles.

1ère nuit…

We were greeted at PDX (airport) by Sandra B and her husband. We’re Facebook friends. We had never met and she came to get me and my 6 HUMONGOUS bags at the airport. Amazing!❤️

A Portland, Sandra et son Mari  sont venus me chercher à l’aéroport … Moi, Ohlive et nos 6 ÉNORMES valises… Incroyable, elle est une amie de FB… ne me connais pas et viens me chercher à l’aéroport puis m’amène faire des courses de bouffe…! Vous imaginez un français faire un truc pareil? Moi pas trop 😉